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Some call us Scissorworks

Why is Scizzorworks not spelt Scissorworks?

I know… Many of our clients are telling me that we spelled our name wrong.

They keep telling me it should be Scissorworks… not Scizzorworks!

And yes… they’re all correct… you could spell it that way!

And it’s even more of a problem when they go searching for us on the internet. Many put in www.scissorworks.com.au instead of our correct URL.

So let me explain why I called it Scizzorworks and why I spelled it that way.

Like all hairdressers… I have a very creative streak.

And when I was thinking up the name of our hair salon I was thinking that Scissorworks was a little bit boring… I wanted to add a little sizzzzle!

And that’s how I created Scizzorworks! A hair and beauty salon with just a little sizzle!

So I apologize to any of our valued clients who may get a little confused. But all’s not lost… if you do spell it wrong on the internet you will still be able to find us.

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